• zungtow

    Dude that is jsut too cool man. I mean seriously.


  • LCBatteries

    Lmao Lmao Lmao Lmao!!! Thats awesome!!!! :)


    you're fucking stealing from another person's webcomic you prick

  • Johnny

    Maybe you didn't see the part where left the credits and copyright intact.

    Oh and the fact that he posted a link to the original source.

    Go eat a dick.

  • http://jacobian.biz/ jacobian

    well it's been a long time ever since I watch pokemon though. :-)

  • http://mymhm.tv mymhm

    So. The pokeball is bigger on the inside…

  • Sophie

    a TARDIS perhaps? Now that would be awesome!! a tardis, the chameleon circut turns it into a pokeball!!!

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  • http://mymhm.tv mymhm

    LOL! That would certainly make me more interested in Pokemon…

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  • iPokeMaster


  • Your Neighbor

    Hey iPokeMaster, you suck. I know where you live.

  • iPokeMaster

    Yeah? I know where you live too, bitch. Bring it.

  • iPokeMaster

    Dude… WTF?

  • iPokeMaster

    Heh heh… heh… you said a swear word… heh heh…

    BTW You're an idiot. :-)

  • iPokeMaster

    You spelled “just” wrong.

    BTW Congratz on first post. :-)

  • Suckme

    wow if i were 10 that would be funny. ASS!!!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/GQ3W5QMKIYLKIIHO3F72FYRYBU meghan


    God, love finding who references in my other fandoms.

  • Hector


  • Tanya

    hahahah i liked it XD

  • Anonymous

    Forget the mean posts. It’s an awesome cartoon.

  • Anonymous

    Forget the mean posts. It's an awesome cartoon.

  • iPokeMaster

    Yes. Yes he is. I have seen this so many times in so many places it is not funny.

  • Im Real

    Charmander shouldn’t be sitting around in the ball anyways… he should be training.

  • pokemon noob

    no that rain is gonna put his tail out and he’ll die!!!!!!

  • BreastCancer

    Breast Cancer Symptoms it’s an awsome carton

  • jerkson

    I hate when I set Stumble to Online games and I get cartoons about games. Lame.