• Jebisi

    Fat bastard :))

  • MK

    Too stupid to pick it up and throw it back?

  • zungtow

    ROTFL, now thats funny. He must be a blast to hang around, thats some real “jackass” material there.


  • pv

    I would jump out, shove the fatty to the ground, and sit on his face until he's full!

  • Awesomex

    wouldn't it go out once it hit the wet floor of the shower?

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  • Mike

    what the hell is that? A bottle rocket??

  • Anonymous

    By that logic you would probably ask me if I would hold onto a nuclear bomb as it’s about to go off.

    Of course not, but you can’t really compare the two. Yes they may both be classified as ‘explosives’ (although I seriously doubt that the small harmless fireworks rocket that is displayed in the GIF can explode) but one is capable of much much bigger magnitudes of explosive power – not to mention it would be lethal, whilst the other is a firework probably not even containing 10 grams of explosives, which is never going to seriously injure someone who weighs 80kgs. Besides people have pulled out far more dangerous pranks.

  • Old_school_rockin_it

    It's a really good idea to pick up a lit expplosive huh..? Watching too much bugs bunny are we?

  • Lvnrkts

    A friend of mine has a three inch scar running down his cheek caused by a bottle rocket blowing up next to his face. Tell him they’re harmless…

  • http://fairpoliticsusa.com/ Gust

    very funny, mainly the guy laughing his head off

  • Anonymous

    Yeah cos it really is a explosive device… you can hold these things with your hand and they won't harm you, and they nowhere near possess enough energy to shoot out of your grip… You tried fireworks?

  • Old_school_rockin_it

    Is that my point? Point is why would anyone touch anything that can explode..? would you continue to hold a grenade after someone has pulled the pin and thrown it?

  • Jay

    Nah, most of the time you can drop a bottle rocket in a bucket of water and it wont have time enough to get the powder wet before it burns up.

  • 23skidoo2012

    i used to shoot these into a creek. you can watch them bubble and hear them about 2-3 meters underwater.

  • Old_school_rockin_it

    Why don't you hold one in your hand? Talk is cheap buddy.

  • Lolololfag

    you dumbass, there is a difference between a grenade and a bottle rocket

    your hippie ass mormon parents probably told you that firecrackers and marijuana kill people. stupid shitface

  • alvin


  • http://jacobian.biz/ jacobian

    that is really worst thing to happen to someone.

  • Wefwf

    Holy shit, you just don't get it. Read this carefully:


  • Old_school_rockin_it


    I don't know what you think “explosives” are. Incase you didn't know, they explode. You're a regular Einstein.

    In that case why didn't he throw dandelions in the shower? Why is this funny in the first place? 'Cause he threw something harmless in the shower? Go hold a tiny explosive in your hand. I dare you.

  • Old_school_rockin_it

    You're a regular Einstein. I know you never even touched a firecracker. Am I right..? 'Cause you know jack squat about them.

  • http://www.twitgift.me JeromeC

    Lol, you're in a shower room. Use it's water as your advantage, lol. Can't believe he didn't think about that.

  • Old_school_put_a_sock_in_it

    There are HUNDREDS of videos on youtube of people setting off fireworks in their hands dumbass.


    Comparing firecrackers and bottle rockets to a grenade is even dumber than the fools in all the videos.

  • Pyro56

    I'm pretty sure that those can burn under water as many fireworks can.

  • Anonimous

    I would beaten him afterwards with a baseball bat. Funny now, huh?

  • Old_school_rockin_it

    Obviously they're two different things, Einstein. Get the gist of what I'm saying?? Answer me this: Why is the person in the shower trying to put it out? Why is the fat moron laughing?

    Is it because bottle rockets sprout flowers when the lit fuse reaches the end…?

    No, because IT CAN HURT YOU. Did this ever cross your simple mind? Look at the people in the videos, moron. Obviously you can hold it but what do they do when they hold it? They LOOK AWAY. Oh why is that?? 'Cause it wont hurt? Is that why they look away from it?


  • chanboi


  • Gandolf The Grey

    Don’t let those hands Slip!

  • Gandolf The Grey

    Don't let those hands Slip!

  • BreastCancer

    Breast Cancer Symptoms that’s very funny =))

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