• Rayson Jimenez

    seriously is this what the internet has become? a clever attempt to gain advertising dollars by looking at a stupid mobile pic of retarded shit??? so much for revolutionizing the education sector of the world…

  • JoeRambo

    i giggled

  • J D M

    Why u mad tho?

  • siggytow

    Oh noes. You lost CTRL? Bummer.


  • http://yansky.myopenid.com/ meh

    I don't think you have enough javascript on your page.

  • http://jacobian.biz/ jacobian

    really funny though,what happen to your control then? did pacman eat it? wakka wakka

  • MD

    wait wha?

  • Joe Shmoe

    It's REALLY bad when you lose control and there is no escape!!!

  • Keanu

    see christina hendricks loose control


  • Eatshit

    dumb ass joke! i thought it was going to be good but turns out to be retarded!!!!! as the poster!!!!! mother !!!!! fucker!!!!!! fuck you.

  • Guest

    worse than the “anon tools” fucking idiot

  • huh


  • HelloWorld

    You still have the other control though.

  • Gingerbreadman

    You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!!!

  • Kerrwyvern

    Chill out dude, let people have a laugh without you and little mr eatshit over there ruining it.
    I was amused.

  • Ariuubarzan

    kos khol

  • cntrlaltdelete

    awwwwwwwwww come on you friggin nooobs! you can always hit the “any” key……

  • what a stupid ass post

    omg-now your gonna have to pay a whole 20. cents for a new keyboard, take my advice-just go to best buy and have the geek squad glue it back on for $150….

  • guest






  • http://quickhealthinfo.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/symptoms-breast-cancer/ Johnny

    Because of a game? :)))) It happens to me