• english man

    You might want to know that 'men' is the plural form of the word 'man' before you start criticising people's ignorance.

  • Me

    Nothing English about that, that’s how I see it too and I live here.

  • Me

    Nothing English about that, that's how I see it too and I live here.

  • Nemesis

    Get rid of Rust – most English people wouldn’t know what that means in relation to the Midwest. While you’re at it, remove Wheat. Do you really think that English people know the specifics of the US agricultural landscape? Get over yourself. Put Cowboys in Texas only, stretch Bible Bashers over the whole country, stretch the question marks all the way down to Oklahoma and across to Nevada. Remove Mexicans – English people don’t give a shit about US immigration issues. Stamp the whole thing with OBESE, and then and only then might you come close to how English people view the US.