• http://www.giusepped.com Giuseppe D’Elia

    wow … but it is amazing, where did you get? 90% I’ve never seen!

  • http://guss.teammu.com Guss

    Saw all the frenchs and swiss one 😛 as I’m french and live in switzerland XD

    But there is a lot of these! that’s quite awesome ^^ as Giuseppe asked, where did you get these ?

  • http://zoftpc.com zoft

    good stuff I like this one. this’s amazing stuff for google logo, thanks dude

  • http://www.scissorpros.com Ashy4081

    really google is awesome without google u can imagine your computer life

  • This is not my name.

    I love the 999 one. One September ninth, 1999, all computers were supposedly going to just shut down. The logic: 9999 was the universal stop code for computers. The price: Just a few million.

  • http://www.scissorpros.com Ashy4081

    no life without google

  • http://www.scissorpros.com Ashy4081

    99.99% i have never seen this google logo lol……heeeee…..

  • http://www.giusepped.com Giuseppe D’Elia

    maybe you’re right, I was too optimistic! :)

  • http://twitter.com/sebitacanales Sebastian Canales

    You lost a lot from Chile

  • Huw

    There are probably so much more than what’s recorded here. St. David’s Day in Wales over the years here http://da.fydd.org/blog/2010/03/01/logo-dydd-gwyl-dewi-ar-google/

  • Derek

    I really don’t see that one being UAE national day…

  • Derek

    Or I’m an idiot and was thinking the captions were below the images…

  • http://www.designzillas.com/ Florida web design

    Google logos from foreign countries.

  • http://Garcya.us/ Garcya

    Really awesome creativity!

  • Abs

    Where is iranian new year NOWRUZ logo????

    google since 2006 build nowruz logo for Iranian

  • Reterert


  • Reterert


  • Tomatoimpdemon

    Where’s Canada? complan complain *dislike*!!

  • http://isohungry.blogspot.com/ i so hungry

    Man they miss out my country bastard….lol

  • ABS

    U thinks I don`t say right?

  • Mike

    fuck iran

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    Nice logo designs. Very creative. Thanks for sharing the links to Google Doodle’s page. Keep posting. Do stay in touch.

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    Dude Love it very much. Great to see google these kind of logos. Many people may miss those days but now your presenting it. Thanks for sharing.