• Karzarski2
  • Jackledead

    f**k me, i'd looove my dad soooo much

  • Josh

    thats in london not berlin. and the car is from UAE.

  • Abc

    Allah hu Akbar

  • 3bood

    No, its not. The plates say KSA. KSA = Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia:)

  • 3bood

    No, its not. The plates say KSA. KSA = Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia:)

  • Dan M

    And he is in college…why?

  • Cvxzv

    while the rest of their people live in caves and mud huts

  • Samunagolla

    this is some cooked up bull-shit. arabs arn’t that stupid, and they communicate with each other in arabic – not english.

  • U stupid

    shut up, everybody knows thats a real story. A friend of mine goes to school with an arab and he DID buy humself a train!

  • Kebabra

    It’s obviously just a joke, cos the typical stereotype arab is some rich oil mine owner and some arab guy owns a solid silver car… I think it may be the prince? Not sure about a gold car though. Just chillax it’s funny :)

  • Med7t_1

    Thats a Saudi plate…

  • foul owl

    clearly someone who went to college and is also left asking…why?

  • Fahad

    That’s a photo of HRH Prince AlWaleed bin Talal, and that is a car he owns. Though the man can be eccentric at times, he is no fool and would never buy a train for his son for such silly reasons.
    My sister works for him, and because of people like him 80% of saudis live in palace-like villas, and poverty is nearly entirely gone in the KSA. funny page though, no need to get emotional over people just trying to have a laugh. just my humble opinion as a saudi

  • Ihatesaudi

    و الله انك مسخرة يا فهد لا و بعد كذاب و تقول انه الفقر راخ من المهلكة او المزرعة السعودية الا اذا اختك مسؤلة عن مكافحة الفقر فى المهلكة السعودية خلها توزع فلوس على الفقراء

  • Hessah92sa

    Omg hahaha I love this. saudis and arabs can speak to eachother in any language, not just arabic. Me and my parents talk to eachother in english and I am saudi. and LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE its a joke because saudis are awesome and have nice taste. <3

  • Elvisparsley

    irony dear sir is alive and well on’t internet…

  • Elvisparsley

    Erm,”’Excuse me, um.,
    “God, you are not geared O Fahd and after bouncing and say that poverty Raakh of lethal or farm Saudi Arabia, but if your sister a question of combating poverty in the deadly Arabia Khalha distributed money to the poor”
    ….what did you mean by this? Or, was a google MIS-translation?…

  • Elvisparsley

    my imaginary friend is bigger than your imaginary friend…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Peer/100000786332664 Robert Peer

    Gee I would be happy to be able to get a new motor for my 12 yr old dodge pickup so i can work.

  • flitz

    Oh my dad.

  • Guest

    This ain’t Berlin but Paris on the Champs Elysées. Next to the Publicis Drugstore ( in the back)

  • Karzarski

    Damn wish i have one of those


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