• Armstead

    Fake. Look at the pad beneath his left knee.

  • Riot_Sandwich

    he not even fucking moving, and yes, I AM WAY FUCKING COOLER THAN THIS ASS HAT.

  • Jeremy

    Hey Riot, you are just cooler than my ass.
    take a pic like this and share with us. let see if your big head let you balance.

  • Gabriel

    Cool my ass.Why cool,cause he has a motorcycle helmet,a cigar and an old stupid pegas bike?Face it,he s stupid.

  • Gabriel's loverboy!

    Funny, I said the same thing to you when you where sitting on the threewheeler with my dick in youre mouth. Thinking you where tuff! … Just sad you began pucking insteed of swallowing :/

  • Riot Sandwich sister!

    Of course. Everyone there sucked my dick is cooler than him. So youre totally right! .. Ill see you next saturday anyway. And bring youre sister again so we can do a sandwich, its been too long now. Wanna dig her a bit too!

  • AmnesiaWes

    You can even see he’s squeezing the brake!

  • AmnesiaWes

    You can even see he's squeezing the brake!

  • http://www.xeebook.com addi

    hahahaha…cool..how can do that with old bicycle??

  • itsurwebsite

    some people don’t understand sarcasm that well. especially guys who profese that they are cooler than this picture on the internet. who says that anyway?

  • blaaze

    the dudes left foot is not even on the pedal LMAO