• Yonjon70

    I'd still rather be Jordan.

  • Asdfghjk

    By the way.. GAYS wins too!!, STEVE BLOWJOB from APPLE.

  • BooBBooB

    Why give a fuck about money ? your born onto this world to Earn money ,Work,and thats it ? get a fucking clue please,im gladi m not bill gates or jordan,im Glad im Broke,and im glad im Me.

  • -Name-

    Gates has retired from Microsoft, brainiac.

  • -Name-

    Gates has retired from Microsoft, brainiac.

  • Anon

    Whether he’s retired or not doesn’t matter, he has a ton of money right now of what he earned, and in fact donated much of it already (billions)… braniac.

    Also to the guy saying “I’d rather be Jordan”, would you really rather bounce a ball and have no contributions to the world, than to produce Windows, than to produce the first software development company, and than to donate billions towards good causes?

  • Anon

    No reasonable person would rather bounce a ball than produce a software development company, software, and donate to charity.

  • anony


  • Joey

    WOW, You really telling the truth! We don’t live to work or to have bunch of money! We live to be what we r, be ourself, no one else! We r not the things we have, or the money we gain or have or the stuff we wear! We r what we want to b. But hey, I rather like to be a Nerd than a sportman? NO! I rather be my self, average, nice guy and live like I want to live, Work hard as I can, and sustain my self and others, the ones I care about, with what I can. I will like to be a Technological person, true, but also be kind of Sporty, you know, I don”t like the idea of being sit on front of a pc all day and that’s it… We choose what we want to be in live and what we want to do, we r kind of free and thanks to God, we live and pray and thanks for everything there is in this World that is good, even the bad things help us remember what we did wrong and to retroflexionate and get things fixed.I am happy as I am, I keep on living, learning new things, meeting new people, friends or foes, getting better at doing what I like and love the ones I care about and keep thanking God for everything I have :)

    Thank You :)


  • Killed

    If he makes $19.60 while watching the 100 meter dash (Fastest 9.58 – Bolt) then he would not get $200 every second for salary and endorsements. Someone made this “infograph” up.

  • http://www.autoanything.com/floor-mats/10A50185.aspx Mat

    Forget Kobe. Jordan in the best ever.

  • Justin

    Hope you kids are still able to sing that tune when you get out in the real world and have to find a way to support a wife and 3 children by yourself.

  • Jibblets

    19.60 is how much he gets in salary that’s not including endorsement money…

  • Nuckingfuts

    actually he is a part-time chairman.

  • Gates

    I agree; only fools throw away money and call it freedom. Real freedom is working hard enough to be able to afford what you want as well as what you need.

  • Theimperious

    Bill Gates has given billions to charity and is saving millions of lives.
    Michael Jordan grew a Hitler Moustache.

  • http://twitter.com/Nawaf_Alnaji Nawaf Al-Naji

    Bill Gates was a big part of one of the greatest global cultural and technological changes in history. It doesn’t matter how much money he makes. I’d still want to be in Bill Gate’s position as Microsoft’s founder, even if that job had an average to low salary.