• Jerry

    This doesn’t help worth Crap!! >:(

  • vindication


  • SithSpawn

    We’re much too overpopulated.

  • josh
  • zest

    Would be more interesting if there was a “Total population bar” also, so we could see if it goes down dramatically from the wars and whatnot

  • Lea Baverstock

    I thought it was an animation of the shape of the average American through the years!

  • Zipito06

    This is quite amazing actually if you idiots would  know what it is showing. Its showing how people are living longer than they were before.

  • Pearsquared

    It shows so much more than that. It shows a high population boom (in the 50s, especially), which is attributed to the baby boomers, better healthcare, better standard of living, etc. It shows how the baby boomers truly were a huge population, so much so that the population began to resemble a triangle (which is how Mexico actually looks now, with it’s huge youth population). It shows how the echos (generation Y, now in their 20s-30s) aren’t nearly as large, and how they are literally supporting a bloated older generation made of boomers, who are, as you mentioned, living longer and retiring later.

    I seriously haven’t even scratched the surface. Graphs are awesome. 8D