• http://www.facebook.com/people/Moeteise-Surrey/100001455787723 Moeteise Surrey

    I can sing you worst lyrics so can 99% of you out there stop hating and enjoy it or avoid it

  • Be-jeshca

    its not even that there that bad of lyrics her voice is hoorible!!! its screechy

  • Cannabusiness

    Terrible. Just absolutely terrible. How could anyone think Rebecca black is good? Her lyrics are like a third grader’s first essay; What is today? Friday. What is special about friday? THE WEEKEND OMG!??!?!?!?? Well I say fuck that. Terrible terrible terrible.

  • Joes

    no one thinks she is good. but then again why do people like half of what is put out there

  • Kogasgirl12

    Well she didn’t WRITE it. The company she signed up with gave her a choice of songs to sing. Apparently the others were worse. And I hear the money she gets form iTunes downloads goes to helping Japan. She’s, like, thirteen, man. give her a break.

  • Gmail

    You guys know the black guy in the video is actually the writer right? Yes, fat-usher is the one responsible for it, the girl was just the messenger.